A Cockroach Burger and a Closed Book: Unpacking the Post-Credits Message of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom


While “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” may have brought an epic chapter of the DCEU to a close, its cheeky mid-credits scene has sparked speculation about the future of this superhero universe. Unlike the post-credits teasers and cliffhangers we’ve grown accustomed to, this scene offers a lighthearted moment of closure instead of setting the stage for what’s to come.

In the scene, Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother, sits down to enjoy his first-ever cheeseburger. Arthur’s earlier description of this surface-world delicacy has piqued his curiosity, and he approaches the experience with both apprehension and delight. As he takes a bite, a cockroach scurries by, and without hesitation, Orm pops it on his burger and takes another, seemingly satisfied, bite.

This playful scene could be interpreted in several ways:

  • A Lighthearted Farewell: It could simply be a humorous send-off, a chance to leave the audience with a chuckle as the credits roll. This interpretation aligns with the film’s overall lighter tone compared to its predecessor and suggests a desire to end on a fun note.
  • Orm’s Openness to Change: The scene could highlight Orm’s adaptability and willingness to embrace new experiences, even those from the surface world he once opposed. This could signal a future where he plays a more nuanced role in the DCU, not solely as a villain.
  • A Metaphor for the DCEU’s Reboot: Some see the scene as a metaphor for the DCEU’s upcoming reboot under James Gunn and Peter Safran. Just like Orm trying a new food with an open mind, the new leadership might be taking a different approach to the franchise, incorporating elements from the past while embracing fresh ideas.

However, the lack of any concrete post-credits tease also leaves room for other interpretations:

  • A Closed Book: It could be argued that the ending of “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” serves as a definitive conclusion to the current iteration of the DCEU. The absence of a post-credits scene might signify a clean break, allowing Gunn and Safran to build their new vision from scratch.
  • Uncertainty on the Horizon: With no clear direction established in the post-credits, the future of the DCU remains shrouded in mystery. This could generate excitement and anticipation for what’s to come, but it could also leave fans feeling lost and unsure about the franchise’s trajectory.

Ultimately, the meaning of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s post-credits scene is open to individual interpretation. Whether it’s a quirky goodbye, a character’s evolution, or a cryptic metaphor, the scene undoubtedly leaves room for discussion and speculation. The true message about the DCEU’s future will likely become clearer as James Gunn and Peter Safran unveil their plans for the rebooted universe in the months to come.

One thing is certain: the cockroach burger has ignited the conversation about the future of the DCU. While its specific meaning may be debated, it represents a turning point, marking the end of an era and leaving fans both curious and excited to see what’s next for their favorite superheroes.

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